MORAL INJURY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA exists to help past and present military personnel and their families recover from moral and psychological trauma suffered in service to our nation.

  • Moral Injury Association of America uses community-based, intensive eight-week group therapy, centered on a program built by the Minneapolis VA, and conducted in partnership with Warriors Ascent. Warriors Ascent is a Kansas City agency, providing tools, training and support to enable veterans to develop habits needed for long-term healing of the mind, body and soul. In the Building Spiritual Strength therapy sessions attended by military members, the veteran is encouraged to reframe his/her experience with trusted relationships that support rebuilding and moral identity. It brings self-understanding, memory, self-evaluations and, eventually, self-forgiveness. 
  • Our measure of success is quantifiable reductions in depression cases and suicide rates among past and present military personnel resulting from our activities and programs. 

MORAL INJURY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA is based in Kansas City, Missouri.  We are working with other national organizations and charities to expand our efforts to assist past and present military members with Moral Injury.  At this time, we are in our infancy, but hope to grow our outreach to other areas in the United States.  

MORAL INJURY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA  Our Board of Directors reflects a wide range of individuals who bring a vast resource of skill sets from the business, community and military segments of the Kansas City community.

            Bruce McWilliams: Volunteer director for the organization. Bruce is a private citizen, with over 40 years of experience organizing, managing and owning businesses in the community.

            Cindy McDermott: CDR, USN, Retired. Cindy is a post-9/11 veteran and will serve as the executive director of the organization. She will hold the only paid position.

            Shelly Scheibeler: CDR, USN, Retired. Shelly is a post-9/11 veteran who served as a Chaplain in the Navy with outreach provided to Marines, Coast Guard and Navy military members. 

            Dr. George Dent:  Dr. Dent is a PTSD Psychologist at the Kansas City VA Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. He has more than 20 years of experience and oversees our intensive group therapy sessions for vets.

            Dan Entwistle: Administrative Director, Church of the Resurrection. Dan will represent the Church of the Resurrection on our Board. Church of the Resurrection is the largest United Methodist Church in the world with four locations and 20,000 members.

            Gary Abram: Gary’s focus is on business development, strategic planning and executive coaching, with an emphasis in executive recruitment and placement for non-profits and insurance carriers.           

            Rev. Becky Johnson: Rev. Johnson is an ordained minister and a Full Time Staff Chaplain at The University of Kansas Hospital.

            Vincent Morales: Vincent served in the United States Army Reserves with several deployments. He is the Peer Mentor for the Veterans Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

            Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock: Dr. Brock is the founder of Soul Repair Center in Fort Worth, Texas, and the national leading researcher on Moral Injury. She is Senior Vice President of Moral Injury Programs, Volunteers of America.

            Dr. HC Palmer: Dr. Palmer is a retired surgeon and served in the United States Army in Vietnam. He is an adviser to the organization’s writing program for military members.

Our measure of success will be a reduction of mental health cases and suicides of past and present military members and their family members. 


Moral Injury Association of America

​​​Moral Injury is a complex wound of the soul. It results from empathy and self-reflection on moral values in the wake of morally ambiguous, extreme conditions. Many times there are no good choices and any choice violates deep moral values.  It can impact veterans of war and individuals making emergency decisions in life or death circumstances such as police officers, firefighters, first responders and many others