Learn more about Moral Injury Association of America and the volunteers guiding the organization.

Moral injury is a killer.

It's the leading cause of suicide by vets.*

Moral Injury is the commission of or witnessing of acts or events that challenge core moral values under extreme conditions. Moral Injury can afflict veterans at ten times the rate of physical injuries.

Moral Injury Association of America supports writing events to help past and present military members learn writing skills to enable them to tell their stories.

*In a study completed by Herbert Hendin, M.D., and Ann Pollinger Haas, Ph.D., it was found that combat guilt was the most significant predictor of both suicide attempts and preoccupation with suicide, suggesting that guilt may be an important mediator.

​​MORAL INJURY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA exists to help past and present military personnel and their families recover from moral and psychological trauma suffered in service to our nation.

Thank You for Your Service